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Thor's Software and Hardware
Vendor Sales Program

Helping Salespeople close sales & install more systems
Thor Software/Hardware Vendor and Partners Program
Thor was founded in 1975 on the principles of being an asset to software and hardware vendors. There are three distinct assets we offer software or hardware salespeople and their partner teams.
  1. Creative sales tools you can use to uncover both hidden and expressed objections:
    • More sales equals more money
  2. Allows you to get in and out of your installations more smoothly and quickly.
    • The longer the installation goes without being up and running, the more time spent by the software salesperson resulting in potential reduced earnings.
    • Fewer time consuming character building challenge calls from difficult installations.
    • Allows the salesperson to allocate resources towards achieving the next sale.
    • Helps create a shorter installation time thus keeping the clients happy.
    • May allow salesperson to collect A/R money more quickly.
  3. Help keep customers happy and satisfied
    • Happy customers improve opportunities to sell upgrades, add testimonial letters, as well as receive referrals to sell to other accounts.
Thor Software and Hardware Vendor Asset Approach
The salesperson keeps control and introduces us to their client so we may positively address any sales objections or business conversion concerns. With the Salesperson/Partner objectives in mind, our priorities are:
  1. The Software and/or Hardware solution.
  2. The representativeís reputation for delivery.
  3. Thor in a complementary role to support software, hardware, partners, and the clientís internal staff.
  4. Make a complimentary cost effective resources presentation.
  5. Help the prospect/client feel more positive with the installation/implementation.
  6. Support the total business conversion from the executive functions to the end users.
  7. We help the Vendorís client obtain a greater R.O.I. (for example, there was a considerable savings to companies because they were forecasting a 24 month R.O.I., and we were able to get it down to 16 -18 months).
Sales Objection Curve/Implementation Supported by Thor

Refer to the Thor flyer, "Providing Resources in Support of Hospitals"
Vendor Sales Representative Tool for using Thor: PR Fuzzy

Definition of PR Fuzzy:
With the Vendor Sales representative keeping control and setting the priorities the Thor representative conducts a warm call on behalf of the salesperson. It is our way of allowing the salesperson the opportunity to maximize their tactics and strategy with the prospect/client. The PR Fuzzy call objectives include the following three areas:

  1. Enhance your professional business solution image/offerings with the prospect/client
  2. Bring you closer to making the sale or having a successful installation
  3. Give you feedback on possible sales objections or installation challenges that may help move the process in a positive direction
Thor Business Process and HCIS Resources
  • Project Managers
  • Trainers
  • Regulation Specialists
  • Accounting Professionals
  • Business/Data Conversion
  • Business Analysts
  • Change Mgt Specialists
  • Technical Writers
  • Software Developers
  • Clinical Analysts
  • Helpdesk/Network Support
  • Network Specialists
  • Documentation Specialists
  • Integration Specialist
  • Infrastructure Professionals
  • About THOR:

    Since 1975, THOR has helped both software and hardware vendors close business as well as successfully install business systems for executive functions, technical implementation to end user support. Focusing on hospital software, hardware and processes is a key part of the methodology. This unique methodology enables us to provide your clients with cost effective customized solutions.
    Contact Information:

    The Thor Group ● National Healthcare Practice (877) 846-7477 ● hospital@thorgroup.com
    3601 N. Aviation Blvd. #3080 ● Manhattan Beach, CA 90266