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Server, Wireless, Network Upgrades, Roll- outs,
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Supporting Organizations with SUN IT Infrastructure
In tough times, progressive leaders must know the score. To meet their business objectives, many business leaders are making infrastructure decisions based on help from proven professionals.

THOR supports infrastructure initiatives and business processes by providing professionals on a consulting, contract, or direct hire basis. We provide customized cost effective resources to organizations that utilize Sun technologies.
Here is how you can benefit from our PC, Server, Wireless, and Network optimization assistance
Methodology: THOR helps healthcare executives increase productivity and lower costs by complementing their current vendor or internal resources with THOR professionals.

Reduce Costs: THOR can help you implement new cost saving IT infrastructure you plan to purchase, with experts who know your industry and environment, at two thirds the cost of typical consulting firms.

Increased Efficiencies: Increase your ROI by optimizing your current IT infrastructure by utilizing THOR Project managers, architects, business analysts, developers, network administrators, desktop technicians, configurators, and trainers. Helping you get more productivity from the technology youíve already purchased or helping to quickly and efficiently roll out new technology is what THOR does best.
Infrastructure Services that Allow You to Get More from Your PC / Server / Network / Wireless Investment
INTERFACES / CONNECTIVITY: The ability to connect to different organizations with systems and standards that are different from your organizations?systems is one of the growing challenges in IT. When interface and connectivity issues are solved, the productivity and financial benefits to your organization increase. Work with THOR consultants to help implement your interoperability strategy.
Infrastructure Services focusing on ROI with Your PC / Server / Wireless / Network Investment
Wireless: Wireless technology has the potential to revolutionize IT efficiencies. Whether through cellular devices, new applications, or RFID, wireless technology has the ability to greatly improve an organizationís workflow agility and user productivity. Utilize a THOR Wireless consultant to help your organization stay ahead of the rapidly changing wireless technology curve.

SECURITY / PRIVACY: How are you handling your current security initiatives and features such as, permissions, roles Management, and single sign on? With rapidly changing technology comes the difficult task of continuously evolving your IT security and privacy strategies. THOR consultants can help audit your current security environment and then help ensure your security setup is configured to better meet your organizationís security needs.

SYSTEMS INTEGRATION / INTEROPERABILITY: Interoperability is a necessary requirement for organizations to realize all of the benefits promised by the adoption of new technology. Without seamless interoperability, many of the improvements offered by new technology cannot be attained. For years THOR have provided systems integration professionals.

CUSTOMIZED TRAINING: Our unique, flexible training services ófor group or individualóbring you customized sessions which emphasize features critical to the success of a particular process. We will work with you to design a curriculum which meets your class size, skill levels, and schedule constraints. Evenings, weekends or half-day courses are often requested. The goal is improved workflow through both increased user acceptance and user skill levels.

Rollouts / Implementation: Whether implementing a LAN at a single office, an enterprise wide WAN to connect multiple organizations, PCís, tablets, laptops, or any wireless technology, THOR is a cost effective option for supporting you organizationís roll out.
COMPLIANCE: When was the last time your organization took an inventory of its PCís, software licenses, network, servers, and other IT infrastructure to ensure your organization is compliant with all government regulations? THOR has consultants who have been through numerous IT audits for compliance purposes, as well as helped increase overall infrastructure efficiencies.

VPN / Maintenance: An improved VPN infrastructure can help reduce your organizationís expenses while improving productivity. Connecting multiple offices and remote users via VPN networks can greatly reduce the amount of time spent in your decision making processes, as well as cutting out unnecessary travel costs. Additionally, remote maintenance via VPN can be a cost effective alternative to your existing maintenance agreements. THOR consultants can help bring you closer to your VPN vision by helping you implement VPN and other related technologies.

Thin Client / Desktop Virtualization: Utilize THOR consultants to help implement your desktop virtualization strategy. Some of the potential benefits of desktop virtualization include: improved user and security profile management, extended lifecycle of existing desktops, and greater controlled access to mission-critical applications

INVENTORY / ASSET AUDIT: THOR can help evaluate and quantify your current technical setup for each department and position. This helps you determine what equipment, versions, and skill levels currently exist on-site.

SERVERS: Some of the potential benefits of streamlining your current servers, as well as server virtualization include: a reduction in your data center footprint, a decrease in energy consumption, and reduced maintenance contracts. Utilize THOR consultants to help implement your server virtualization strategy.

Contact information:
877-846-7477 resources@thorgroup.com
Since 1975, THOR has provided specialized talent across the United States on a contract, consulting, and direct hire basis. Focusing on your industryís software, hardware, and processes is a key part of our methodology. This unique methodology enables us to provide you with customized cost effective solutions.