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Rapidly changing technology in the telecommunications industry is a constant challenge to leading providers. Anticipating changes in technology and implementing new systems requires IT professionals with a wide range of telecom experience. Since 1975, THOR has been recognized as a preferred and/or primary vendor to some of the leading telecommunications companies as well as telecommunications divisions within our clients across the U. S. providing services including: Intrusion Protection, Connecting Large Numbers of Remote and Mobile Workers, Call Center Consolidation, Enterprise Wide Voice-Over IP, Enterprise Telecommunications Management Solutions for Global Performance Optimization, Web Enabled Consumer Access to Information, IVR/CTI and more.

THOR is aligned with project management experts who have direct connections to telephony vendors. These project managers work along side junior team members allowing THOR to offer telephony services resulting in a significant ROI. If these services were provided by one vendor directly, the blended service cost would be anywhere from $20 to $50 per hour more for each contractor. As an added benefit, THOR is so confident in the quality of our contractors, in many cases we have the clients meet them before they begin a project. Frequently, our clients hire the contractors after completing long-term assignments. This is a substantial timesaver for management and HR, as it keeps the learning curve low for new employees, as well as indicates the high quality of professionals provided by THOR. THOR'S qualified telecommunication professionals improve your firmís ability to serve and communicate with customers more efficiently using innovative technology and the latest telephony systems.