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Maximize your profits with our ROI Program

  • Reduce costs, improve communication through simplifying/streamlining your policies and procedures and integrating technical and business applications
  • Stay “Lean” & enhance the bottom line through strategic planning, budgeting and improved business processes, methodologies, & technology.
  • Optimize current technology from the front-end to the back-end.
  • Reduce labor costs and enhance your computer network at a lower blended service rate with professional expertise that complements your core staff in off- hours or on an as-needed basis.
  • Retain top performers and expand their contributions as you transition out your marginal achievers.
  • Increase productivity & improve bottom line by as much as 10-15% through re-aligning divisions/departments/tasks.
  • Train staff on usage & efficiency without business interruption. Improve utilization of your existing system.
  • Complete unfinished projects/systems at a bargain price.

To learn more about THOR'S ROI Program, contact your local THOR Office today.