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Vendor Programs

Thorís vendor programs allow businesses to increase their service offerings quickly and efficiently allowing for more sales. With these programs, THOR subcontracts professionals to our clients or places people directly with them as consultants are needed. In addition, THOR helps them to maintain certain business processes that are not within their area of expertise. By creating a strategic vendor alliance, THOR essentially becomes our clientís " bench," providing necessary resources that help them accomplish their business goals.

Our Vendor Programs consist of two practices: Vendor Assets and Vendor Alliances.

Vendor Assets

THOR was founded on the principle of being an asset to our clients. With our vendor assets program, THOR builds a strategic partnership with our clients, using our methodologies, to help them secure more business. This program offers three distinct benefits to our clients:

Increased Sales
THOR provides a creative sales tool that businesses use to uncover hidden objections.

Quick and Smooth Installations
The longer you service an account, the less money you make. THOR helps you decrease service time, so that you can increase your bottom line. We provide the expertise, experience and people to organize and perform work directly with your customer, resulting in less challenge calls from installations. This allows you to allocate your resources towards achieving the next sale. And ultimately, shorter installations allow for faster invoicing, thereby allowing you to capitalize on repeat business by providing your customer with upgrades.

Satisfied Customers
Shorter and smoother installation periods create happier customers. When your customers are satisfied, they provide you with more references for future sales and come to you when they need upgrades.

Vendor Alliances

Creating a strategic service-oriented alliance with THOR allows vendors to increase their service offerings to their clients as well as helps them maintain certain business processes that are not within their area of expertise, without losing business to competitors. With our Vendor Alliance practice, THOR supports the objectives of Vendors and Clients in three distinct ways:

  • By cost-effectively overcoming many systems development, installation, conversion and training concerns;
  • By assisting in both the mission-critical installation process and the core business transactions with services customized to your environment; and
  • By partnering with your primary vendors to enhance customer satisfaction.
To learn more about THOR'S Vendor Programs, contact your local office today.