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As technology progresses, business operations are becoming more and more complex. Taking advantage of technological advances in ERP software may be the difference between lagging behind or jumping ahead of your competition. It's time for information technology to fulfill on its promise of efficiency and bottom-line results.

With proper installation and customization, your Lawson software offers the opportunity to streamline business processes, capitalize on business intelligence, or plan for the future. THOR can ensure that your business utilizes all of the features that are available. We offer a variety of services to make your projects run smoother:

Planning and Costing
Studies indicate 75% of the “things that go wrong” could have been caught during planning. THOR professionals can save you money and reduce risk by assisting in your business planning, Lawson evaluation, ROI analysis, and project definition.

Business Conversion
Businesses often underestimate the work involved in coordinating and deploying changes to critical business systems. THOR reduces your risk by its use of proven methodology and skilled Lawson Conversion Specialists.

Increased Productivity Report Writing
Many organizations use less than 20% of a software package’s capabilities. THOR enhances your staff’s productivity by enabling them to execute more rapidly by taking full advantage of the capabilities and features of your modules and/or report writing and decision-making tools.

Training and Mentoring
Untrained users can take three to six times longer to learn a product and require substantially higher support costs. Leverage THOR’s vast consultant database to provide cost effective training and mentoring on your Lawson package.

THOR’s Finance & Accounting Division has Lawson Consultants, Financial Analysts, Business Analysts, CPA’s, Controllers, Accountants, Tax Specialists, and Applications Engineers who can be dispatched to your site to manage a crisis, fill in during absences, augment your core or consulting staff, and assume project responsibilities. Best of all, THOR’s service range is up to 50% less than our competitors.

To learn more about our Lawson Programs, call THOR at 877-846-7477 today.