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Systems Integration and Contract Programming

Whether your business needs its current systems moved to new database technology, new applications implemented, or custom software developed, THOR’s system integration and contract programming services can help. We assist our clients in developing approaches to effectively manage change, allowing them to increase their return on investment for their most valuable resources – people, time and information.

THOR is well known for providing teams of industry/system specific professionals from the end user to the high-end consultant. These professionals work with your business to increase speed and capacity by incorporating the most advanced cost-effective technologies.

THOR Group Areas Of Expertise:

Oracle database (Including SQL Plus, SQL Menu and SQL Forms); Oracle Case (Including Case Design and Case Development); Sybase database (APT Workbench, SQL, etc.); Informix database; Ingres database; Cognos (Powerhouse, Powerplay, Impromptu, etc.); PC and other databases (Access, Gupta, Paradox, Progress, Foxpro, dBase, etc.); RDB and ACMS

Platinum Financials, Distribution and Manufacturing; Oracle Financials, Distribution and Manufacturing; JD Edwards Financials, Distribution and Manufacturing; ASK (Manman, OMAR, Finman, Maxcim, Manman-X); Software 2000 Financials and Distribution; J.I.T. Manufacturing, Distribution and Financials; Avalon Manufacturing, Distribution and Financials; SAP Financials, Distribution, HR, Manufacturing and Payroll; DBS – M&E Series Financial, Distribution and Human Resources; Holos, Prism, IRI; Data Warehousing

Platforms of Unix (including IBM, HP, DEC, Sequent, Sun, DG Aviion, Silicon Graphics, etc.); Communications protocols (including TCP/IP, Ethernet, Banyan Vines, Novell, X.25, X.400, etc.); Commonly used EDI, GIS and Imaging Protocols, Standard languages (C, C++, RPG, Cobol, etc.); Operating Systems (Including VMS, Ultrix, HP/UX & MPE, AIX, Alpha, SunOS, POSIX, System V, OS/400, MVS, etc.); Frequently used PC operating environments, Windows 95, Windows NT, OS/2

To learn more about our system integration and contract programming services, call THOR today at 877-846-7477.