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Small Business Services

It would be great to have an in-house financial consultant or your own private network of PC experts available to resolve any IT challenge at a moment’s notice. However, we understand that in many cases, smaller businesses do not have a full-time need and/or their size simply does not justify the costs associated with a permanent employee. For the past 26 years, THOR has catered to the needs of the small business community in many significant ways, and we can help you solve some of the challenges that routinely face every business owner.

THOR has solutions that can be customized for your company by providing all levels of financial, accounting, and information technology professionals on a just-in-time, cost-effective basis. This is an excellent way to acquire the human capital you need to grow your business. Pick from the best talent available on the market only when necessary – without increasing your payroll – regardless of whether the assignment is one day, one week, or one month. We are here to serve the needs of all sizes of small businesses.

THOR’s Finance and Accounting Division has controllers, cost accountants, tax specialists, financial analysts, and other professionals who can be dispatched to your site to manage a crisis, fill in during executive absences, or compliment your current staff during those times when the workloads are at their peak. Our highly qualified professionals are available to assist your company with both pre and post-business conversion implementation challenges. We can help you bring your staff up to speed on your day-to-day workload when you have personnel or technology changes.

For example, THOR has developed what we call our Mentoring Program. Simply put, with our vast consultant database and their impressive knowledge platform, we are able to “loan” them to your company on a short-term basis to mentor your new finance or accounting staff members so that you acquire the greatest expertise your business deserves in the least amount of time.

Your staff remains on-site, performing the regular and usual duties that constitute your core business rather than being off-site at an expensive training class. As an added benefit, we provide on-site assistance on a part-time basis, as well as during off hours, weekends, and nights, enabling you and your staff to work, uninterrupted, on core business functions.

To learn more about our Small Business Services, call THOR at 877-846-7477 today.