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Upgrades, Installations, Conversions, Migrations

You’ve decided to move ahead with the latest automated solutions for your industry: networking, scanning/imaging, bar-coding, multimedia, Internet/WWW, systems integration—to name just a few. You’re sure that many of these tools will improve productivity or lower costs in your own organization.

If your firm or department is competitively lean - then time, expertise, and resources necessary for implementation and administration of new systems are far from abundant. THOR can help. We provide cost-effective, customized services that support successful upgrades, installations, conversions and migrations.

We don’t sell or recommend computers; we work directly with you to get the most out of the technology you’ve chosen. As a complementary solution to your systems, vendors, and internal staff, we fill gaps in expertise or manpower that are keeping you from moving forward with a new system. This could include tasks like helping you with backlog issues, internal reorganization of records and paperflow, or user support and training to help take advantage of the technology. Our consultants are trained and experienced with installation and conversion processes. Our track record of more than 25,000 projects since 1975 ensures that we know what it takes to accomplish smooth technology transitions.

Installations and Upgrades often require skills in systems integration, configuration, data/text cleanup and organization, data/text conversion, database design, and software development. We have expertise in all of these areas and can help your staff to continue to conduct daily core business as well as receive the training and support necessary to make the most of the capabilities available.

With THOR’s help, your business can accomplish a smooth and successful technology transition. We offer customized service solutions for upgrades, installation, conversions and migrations to achieve better return on your project investment.

For more information, contact THOR today at 877-846-7477.