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Process Management 

An international telecommunications company was experienceing disorder in their accounts payable department. There were no processes in order to place, track or validate expenses. In essence, expenses could not be reduced because they could not be quantified.

Thor was brought on to establish procedures for processing, tracking and validating invoices for payment. This included the following:

  • Screening invoices for validity, checking for active locations, valid amounts, and checking against time and materials invoices to validate if the contracts were necessary
  • Validating invoices with project managers and signed proposals to verify that the client company was being billed correctly
  • Validating and verifying challenges regarding vendors invoices as related to delivery and satisfaction.

The processes established by Thor assured the following:

  • Invoices are paid based on negotiated contracts
  • Credits for invalid billing are pursued expeditiously
  • Through expense validation the client company can recover expenses and re-bill their customers when necessary
  • Eliminate non cost-effective items

As a result of the extablished procedures the Client Company has benefited great financial savings. Previous to Thor joining the team, there were no processes to allow budgeting or determine which expenses were valid. Our presence allowed for the cancellation of invalid contracts and numerous vendor credits. The final results were over $1.2M in savings and counting for this international telecommunications company.